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25 October 2012

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Lisboa by night
24 October 2012

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22 October 2012

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17 October 2012

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14 October 2012

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11 October 2012

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8 October 2012

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25 February 2011

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18 February 2011

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17 February 2011

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6 March 2010

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Contrada del Drago
4 March 2009

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Job: Smoking!
16 October 2008

Recent Comments

franz on ...
excellent night view, almost with a sepia look! my son was in lisbon last week and he liked it very much ...

Curly on ...
Very nice, I like the amount of space that you have given for the reflection.

Double KK Photography on ...
cool photo

Sarito on Lisboa by night
Great work..

Dimitrios on ...
I am an archer, and I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH*

Dimitrios on Lisboa by night
Lisboa e stata Princessa, very good composition, Buom Dia.

Isa.H on ...
Très bien réalisée.

Isa.H on ...
Composition et couleurs superbes. Belle photo qui m'emporte vers le rêve.

Blandine111 on ...
Etrange monde où tu nous convie, mais magique!

Anna.C on ...
very nice reflection !

L'angevine on ...
ben pas dans le mil mais presque!!!!

Dave on ...
Very cool, I like it.

Olivier Paillet on ...
Nicely graphic ! Love the result ! Well done !

Ronnie 2¢ on seduce
Surprisingly clever even before the photograph . .

Curly on Traditional versus... Super Beaches Partys!
Great colourful shot - excellent. John Digweed anytime - yeah!

franz on ...
brilliant! an updated versions of a british soldier in a feather cap instead of a bearskin cap ?!? ;-))

franz on The Porch of the Caryatids
picture book perfect !!!

Enzo on The Porch of the Caryatids
Excellente idée, les teintes crépusculaires avec ce soleil étoilé sont sublimes!

Curly on The Porch of the Caryatids
Exceptional shot, how on earth did you know that the sun would fit nicely into that niche?

Basile Pesso on The Porch of the Caryatids
Very beautiful.

L'Angevine on Felucca
j'adore ce cadrage du voile

omid on home is a state of mind...
:) Beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

omid on Green
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

omid on Felucca
very nice! very nice! so beautiful colors, lights & reflections!

Lydia.Dd on Felucca
That's superb !

sido on Felucca
Me gusta la vela y su reflejo en el agua. Bravo.

Anna.C on Felucca
superbe image ! quelle lumière !

Curly on Felucca
Great shot in lovely light.

Ralf Kesper on Felucca

Basile Pesso on Felucca

Sylvie on Felucca
Très jolie photo et quelle pureté !

Remus on Felucca
Linda em todos o niveis. A luz, as cores, o enquadramento... está tudo fantástico.

franz on Green
absolutely lovely lateral portrait of a pretty face. original choice of colour !!

Sinda on Green
Adoro as cores quentes, está linda!

Sinda on ...
Muito louca! Amei, lol

Sinda on "Undersight"
Em terra de cegos, quem tem olho é Rei :-) E tu és Rainha, a fotografia espontânea é mesmo ...

Sinda on ...
Simplesmente linda...

Basile Pesso on Green
Excellent light, tint, framing and focus !

Harry on "Undersight"
An intriguing shot, though focus could be a bit sharper.

Basile Pesso on ...
Magnificent !

Basile Pesso on ...

Basile Pesso on "Vasco da Gama"
Superb reflections and slow speed !

Basile Pesso on solitude...
Splendid !

Basile Pesso on Shiva
Super cute !

Basile Pesso on Big Foot
Excellent focus and funny capture !

Basile Pesso on love is... everywhere!
The freedom of Lisboa ! I see it in the position of the girl's legs. Do you confirm ?

Basile Pesso on walking on clouds...
Perfection !

Basile Pesso on from Lisbon... with love!
The superb Rossio station with a very good heart light painting !

Basile Pesso on ...
Ultra cute little Portuguese girl, with a superb skin color and superb hair !

Basile Pesso on Alghero
Super slow speed, great shady foreground, colors and compo !

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