About White Tea

White Tea

Probably you will ask yourselves:
“Why “couple of tea”? …there’s only one Tea!”

In the beginning we were two… lol
BlackTea and WhiteTea, were a couple… of Tea. :)

After a while, we decided to take different paths, and Blacktea moved to xuxas.aminus3.com, and I stayed "here".

Because “Couple of tea” was a project that we had so much fun doing, that I decided to keep it.

And now, this is what it is… :)
Just for fun, and to share one of the things I have most pleasure to do in life!

And if, besides me, someone enjoys it… it’s even better!!! ;)


Photography Equipment

HP PhotoSmart C945

Panasonic DMC-TZ6

Canon EOS 500D